Children’s Parties

Our house can be rented for organising fun events for children, for example baby reunions, baby showers, children’s Christmas parties and of course also birthday parties.

Väike Päike’s downtown building has two big and spacious rooms to offer on 1st floor, in total 100m2. You can find there  a big slide, a little play house, a swing motorbike, different vehicles that children can sit on and roll around with and many smaller toys. In addition to that, there is a climbing wall, a kitchen set and a shop corner for bigger children. There is plenty of space for playing and for grownups to be comfortable as well, and we haven’t forgotten about eating. We have facilities for kids to enjoy some party food.

You can find on the site:

  • Coffee maker
  • Electric kettle
  • Jugs for juice
  • 3 serving dishes
  • Flower vases

Available times for party rental: Saturday and Sunday at any chosen time; Monday to Friday after 6pm if available.
Party duration: 3 hours plus preparation time and clean up time 15 minutes before and after.
Room rent for parties: € 70/3 hours.

For further information and reservations contact us: or 56 897 123

Janne Ojanurm
Jaana Rosi
Merle Nõmmik
Elen Uuk
Eva Nipernado
Minna Pert
Anna-Maria Vaino