Children’s Daycare

All children from Tallinn and beyond are expected to the daycare. The opening of Aatomiku childcare was given a great impetus by the companies of Science Park Technopol who wanted a high-quality childcare service close to the parents’ job.

  • We welcome children from age one to Aatomiku.
  • Childcare is open Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00 (except public holidays).
  • We offer childcare for a half or a whole day from 1 to 5 days a week.
  • Trained and joyful nannies take care of the children.
  • We offer children an easy learning program and daily developmental activities.
  • The monthly fee includes weekly music and gymnastics lessons.
  • Bright and cosy rooms have been designed for playing.
  • The Kids Club has a separate entrance and a secure fenced courtyard.
  • The child can attend the daycare according to contract or on an hourly basis.

Further information and registration: or +372 58 969 049.

Hourly childcare

Whether you are looking for a place for your child to be for a couple of hours while you take care of errands or for an entire day. A child who has been brought to childcare stays with other children in daycare and takes part in joint activities. During meals children in hourly childcare can eat with others and there is no extra fee for the meals. We expect children aged 1-7 years to hourly childcare.

We ask you to register for hourly care the day before: or +372 58 969 049.

Mari-Liis Altmann
Kaidi Aston
Tiina-Mai Liiv
Marilin Hioväin
Liina Valk
Maret Kurg
Hannabel Müür