About us

Children’s Club Väike Päike (Little Sun) was founded in 2003. Today Väike Päike is a network offering different support services for children and families in Tallinn, Harju County and Tartu, consisting of 8 daycares and 2 kindergartens. Väike Päike offers educational activities for children from birth to school age. Parents can support their children’s development by going swimming, exercising, singing, to physio- and speech therapy, and massage therapy with them. Singing, creativity, dancing, robotics, acrobatics, and many other hobby group lessons help to develop children’s talents. We also provide parent school lecture series.

Integration starts at the kindergarten

“Väike Päike Lasteklubi” children’s daycare and kindergarten is ready to welcome into its groups children whose mother tongue is not Estonian. Our small groups and friendly atmosphere provides soft and natural integration where international experiences, best pedagogical traditions and different cultural background of children is taken into account.

The team of “Väike Päike” believe that the cooperation and help of the family forms the basis for a successful integration. Small children are much more receptive for learning languages than adults are – the progress mainly takes place through games and playing. Nevertheless, we should not underestimate the aid of the qualified support specialists and methodical approach of teachers towards language studies through the immersion method, due to which learning a second language in early age is smooth, easy and brings many lifelong benefits. In addition, scientists have determined that bilingual children improve a wide range of other soft skills such as problem solving, creativity, tolerance and teamwork, through early language learning. As adults, bilingual children have greater job prospects, wider cultural knowledge and less risk of suffering from age-related mental disorders.

The segregation of children starts in kindergarten and deepens during school years. When reaching a working age, this social and cultural dissociation becomes so extensive that there is a sort of closure of everyone’s own cultural space. Children learn through role models, therefore, in order to break through the linguistic and social isolation as early as possible, integration should begin in kindergarten / daycare.

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