Psychologist-family therapist Saale Kibin

The counsellor expects:

  • parents who need help with raising and teaching their child at home.
  • parents who have some personal, family or work-related concern.
  • children who have a concern and a need for assistance.
  • all those with no children are also welcome.

Counselling dates:

  • according to personal needs and wishes.
  • with prior agreement on the date with the counsellor.

Counselling process:

  • family, pair, or individual interviews based on the wish and the subject.
  • a psychologist conducts the counselling process.

The main problems why parents turn to the psychologist:

  • issues related to the development and raising children,
  • problems and disagreements between parents,
  • children’s disobedience,
  • problems in the relationships between children,
  • school problems and learning disabilities,
  • communication difficulties,
  • uncertainty,
  • emotional instability,
  • aggressive and hyperactive behaviour,
  • bed-wetting,
  • sleep disorders,
  • fears,
  • changes in the family’s living situation (for example the increase or leaving of members),
  • discontent,
  • stress,
  • depression,
  • problems at work etc.

Counselling fee 38 €/60 min, 47 €/50-90 min

Psychologist-family therapist Saale Kibin
Booking and additional information: by e-mail address saale.kibin(ätt) or by phone 56 474 844.

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